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Start sheet for Cricket St Thomas Seniors Open 4 BBB

Wednesday 5th July 2017.

Entry fee home £27 pair, visitors £35 pair.

                                    CST                                                     Visitors

8.30     G Barham/A Beale                              J Andrew/H Price                    CSK/visitor

8.38     G Hughes/B Marsh                             D Taylor/T Stenhouse             CST

8.46     P Dewar/M Leigh                                M Aldridge/J Bloys                  CST

8.54     J Wallace/B Frost                                G Wallace/I Griffiths               CST

9.02     I Houseman/R Davis                           F Yardley/P Lang NP                           Taunton

9.10     J Bonney/J Whiting                             G Vile/N Groves                      Weymth/Yeovil

9.18     J MacOmish/J Dick                             F Calandrini/R Rigden             Sutton/Yeovil

9.26     R Gudge/B Hodder                              D Chapman/T Lavin                            Yeovil

9.34     D Denning/N Markby                          J Docherty/N Raison                           Yeovil

9.42     A Davis/B Robinson                             J Wallis/B Cleal                                   Honiton

9.50     M Arnold/R Forster                             J. Terrett/P Foote                           Orchardleigh

9.58     G Dean/I Rowland                               C Wellwood/K Bradley                        Wheathill

10.06   M King/T Chedzoy                               P Dalling/B Corbett                             Oake

10.14   K Potter/I Fielder                                B Clark/S Rose                                    Oake

10.22   T Dobson/B Heath                               D Gwynne-Jones/ I Robertson T & P

10.30   A Moffatt/J Sweet                               K Rogers/B Durrant                            Brid/Up

10.38   K Branchflower/B Hilson                    A Keates/R Coombes                          Fingle (B)

10.46   B Barrow/J Pearce                              D Blackburn/J Blackburn                    Polzeath

10.54   B Singleton/N Hodder                         D Reed/P Male                                   Oake

11.02   R Flower/J Wandless                           M Mathews/T Dene                            Honiton

11.10   C Fisk/D Walgrove                              P Davies/C Vincent                             Honiton

11.18   M Coleman/B Morfitt                         R Smith/G Charlton                             Honiton

11.26   B White/T Bryden                                           R Stone/M Simpson    CST/Worlebury

11.34   P England/D Marshall                                                 P Eve/C Puttock                       Taunton

11.42   C Basterfield/F Martin                                    J Dennett/D Noble                  Wheathill

11.50   M Burt/G Willerton                                        A Tucker/IFreeman                 Weston

11.58   E Paoloni/W Vance                                         A Tilley/S Blackmor                Oke/Ash

12.06   Mike Light/T Higley                                        R Johnson/D Stanbury           Okehampton    

12.14   B Hollingworth/R Young                                 M.Mason/R Mitchell              Weymouth

12.22   M Bargery/L Gage                                          R Smith/T Willson                   Sidmouth

12.30   R Stevens/K Bevan                                          K Price/M Couldwell               Sidmouth

12.38   M Hone/D Hall                                                A Edney/B Sobey                     St Mellion

12.46   A Chance/ S Pope                                            P Newman/T Bickle                Wrangaton

12.54   S Holt/M Wilkes                                              J Evans/R Foras                       Lg Sutton

13.02   A King/P Bennett                                             S Wickham/S Dunn                 Weymouth

13.10   D Dowell/R Streeter                                       B Purser/P Swift                      Wrangaton

13.18   J Chance/R Jackman                                       J Mitchell/R Davis                   Wrangaton

13.26   N Parker/A Hill            Wrangaton                  A Knight/P Barraud                 Wrangaton

13.34   M Mosser/R Sutherland

If, on the day you wish to know the condition of the course or you are unable to play, please phone the pro shop on 01460 30231.

There will be prizes for three catagories, the visiting teams, the mixed (home and visitors) team and the home teams.

Clink Link Below for Entry form:

uploads/cricketst/File/Cricket St Thomas Seniors Open(2) Entry 2017.doc

For Entry Form click link below:

/uploads/cricketst/File/Ladies Open.pdf

Ladies South West Rally Entry Form Below in link:

uploads/cricketst/File/Ladies Open 2.pdf

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